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How to properly use bandit signs!
Written by Dante   
Saturday, 27 November 2010 05:00

There are a lot of courses out there that claim they have the secret to finding you a goldmine of sellers at the drop of a dime through their strategic marketing secrets.  Most of those courses that teach the secrets of lead generation for real estate investors have the same basic marketing concepts.

The reason we know that a lot of the courses are the same is because we have bought plenty of courses ranging from real estate investor to marketing for leads.  We bought so many courses that we could read the first paragraphs of the first chapter and could just about tell where the course was going.  One of the most coming slogans that got me to the point where I wouldn't buy any more courses for a while was "did you know that most of the millionaires in the world achieved their success through real estate?"  When I read that same slogan in at least 10 courses, I knew that it was time to take a break because most courses were just simply copying from some of the old school gurus.

I know for a fact that some of the things we are about to teach you, the ripping gurus will try to use in  the methods we show you their upcoming courses, but I don't care because the reason it won't matter is we are going to provide the training for free.  The gurus can't beat free since they are in the business of peddling goods.

Anyway, most gurus teach you that real estate marketing is to plaster bandit signs all across you the areas where you want to buy like; at the top of the ramps at highway exists, on light poles across from your local Walmart and a lot of other places that might or might not give you a chance of getting any significant success for your efforts.

Register for our free real estate leads and we will tell you how to properly use bandit signs so you will have a greater success of keeping your signs up longer when you go back to pull them down and get the most bang for your dollars.

So if you are serious about getting started in real estate investing, then bandit signs are a way to generate leads, just not the way most gurus are teaching.  Go register for our free leads and so you can get the free intense training that we are offering for a limited time.

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